The Hotties network

Hii !!! voguewars, rue-channel, encantamoda

i’m nita, i live in indonesia, and i love traveling and fashion :)

I would love to be apart of the hotties network!

the reasons are:

  • it’s such a great idea! i’d love to meet new people that are as passionate about those hot man as i am and also just talk! 
  • I’m active on tumblr and would be willing to follow everyone right away, help out anyone with promos, advice and basically anything! 
  • i’ve never get in any network before, so please give me a chance to be in. :)

If i get accepted i’d be grateful with any hot man however it would be cool to be in josh hutcerson. i love watching his movie. he’s very cute in zathura movie and he grew up to be thehotties guy now..

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you maybe consider me 

~nita :) x

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